About Hari Nayak

"There is no love sincerer than the love of food " - these are famous words by George Bernard Shaw. And this is the underlying principle Chef Hari Nayak lives by. His passion and love for food has been apparent in his various successful ventures as a chef for the past 15 years. Born in a small historic town in coastal Southern India on Feb 8, 1974 , Hari started his culinary career at the tender age of 8 by making masala omelets (an Indian specialty) for his family of 5. From the humble beginnings of an eight year old to the international fame of a seasoned chef, Hari has continued to spread the joy of cooking. He has charmed his fans by his innovative, original and most of all passionate cooking.

Hari graduated at the top of his class as an honor student from the Culinary Institute of America in 1998. Hari has trained under world renowned chefs like Albert Adria of El Buli and Marcus Samuelson of Aquavit to name a few.

Hari has been providing culinary & consulting services to various organizations like Sodexo USA, ifoodTV, Whole Foods and several Restaurants. Hari also pioneered America 's first ice cream patisserie, Halo Fete located in Princeton NJ . In addition to this,

Hari has been featured in several publications like New York Times, Restaurant News, Food & Wine ,India Times, Wall Street Journal & Food Service Management to name a few.

Hari is also the author of widely acclaimed Modern Indian Cooking which has "given a new dimension to food" as per Chef Daniel Bolud. This is the first Indian cookbook that eliminates the intimidating factor from Indian cooking and brings it a step closer to the modern lifestyle. It was named one of the best books of the season by LA times. His Book My Indian Kitchen is filled with recipes for preparing delicious Indian meals without fear or fuss. His New book Easy Indian Cooking is filled with 101 fresh and feisty Indian recipes.

Hari's upcoming books are
My India - "A journey through Culture and Cuisine " is an all-encompassing blend that takes its reader through the early beginning of Indian cuisine and its cultural evolution over centuries to the current day cuisine.

"Modern Entertaining" is a collection of simple stress- free and fun menus for true exotic entertaining to make a memorable occasion.

His proprietary blend of spices and products are sold under the brand name of “Modern Indian Kitchen " and can be bought on his website and will be available at select retailers & specialty markets.

About Hari