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Food has become the cornerstone of many lifestyles. In the corporate world, creating the right atmosphere with the right cuisine has fast gained popularity. You can also gain access to information and consulting services with regards to the food you serve in your organization, or at different organizational events.

With a team of talented chefs and food service professionals who have experience with some of the top corporate food service corporations and restaurants, you will be able to plan out and serve a menu that will appeal to people from across the globe. Availing of a food consultancy service that has had the experience of working with high quality food corporations like Sodexho, Whole Foods, Cafe Spice, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and more, will only serve to benefit you.

Today, more than ever, people are gravitating towards different types of foods. Trends show that many people are interested in vegetarian food. Interest in the use of exotic herbs and spices has also grown, increasing the market for ethnic foods across the globe.

Our food consultancy services will give you access to a variety of new and exotic foods and cuisines which are gaining popularity and acclaim across the world. Your organization will only gain from our knowledge - helping you to reach out to your clients and customers by making them feel comfortable and at ease.

We also provide consultancy services in the food arena. Our repertoire of services include Research and Development of new food products and dishes, training and mentoring, menu re-engineering and maintenance, food presentation, food photography and brand video content production.

Contact us with your requirements for Indian food consultancy services, and we shall be glad to help you incorporate healthy and tasty helpings of food into your organization's daily and even occasional menu card.

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