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Hari Nayak is more than a chef, today he is a restaurateur, author as well as a culinary consultant in North America. Hari Nayak started his epicurean journey from the Culinary Institute of America and today, he is one of the most sought after chefs for his unique style.
When it comes to Indian food, the common misconception is that the preparation style must be complex. Hari has managed to elucidate that Indian cooking can be prepared in a simplistic style, with all the modern trappings, yet appealing to the common household cook at the same time. After working in India then traveling to the culinary institute, he went on to work in restaurants in New York, London & Paris.

Today, he is the author of the bestselling books like Modern Indian Cooking and My Indian Kitchen, these books feature the simple yet eclectic style of Hari’s dishes.  Hari Nayak has managed to provide a new modern outlook on Indian cuisine, one that is creating a sensation of sorts in North America today. America today. His New book Easy Indian Cooking is filled with 101 fresh and feisty Indian recipes.

“Food is our common ground, a universal experience” – James Beard

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Join Chef Hari as he takes you on a culinary tour through world cuisine!
Email: Hari@HariNayak.com
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