Spice Trail by Hari Nayak

“Hari has made India proud in America. Now he brings his unique expertise to the world’s spices and elevates the flavours of our cuisine.” – Vir Sanghvi In Spice Trail, Hari Nayak, New York-based chef and restaurateur, gives dishes a special cachet with spices from his native India and around the world, playing with flavour and colour, ingredient and taste. Hari’s goal is to waken the senses, to evoke memories, to encourage exploration of what is new, unfamiliar, even exotic. Everything that he creates on a plate is rooted in India, but has a little touch of the global, combing the known and the unknown to produce something exotic, exciting and always delicious. In Spice Trail he has simplified many of his own recipes for a home cook, presenting ingredients, methods and flavours that he has discovered as a resident of New York City. Join him on his wanderings through food!