cardamom brownies









If I could have one wish for Diwali, it would be to spend the holiday with everyone I love around the world. Since that’s not physically possible, the second best thing would be to spend lots of time preparing my favorite traditional dishes or the Indian-inspired goodies that I’ve created with my signature twist. For example, these cardamom-flavored brownies will surely make an appearance on my Diwali tabl . You can get the full recipe here!

Food is one of the most important aspects of Diwali as is the tradition of giving gifts, which I enjoy! But if you’re pressed for time like me, you don’t have much of a chance to think about what to get for your loved ones, let alone go shopping.

I recently discovered that Verizon’s website is an excellent place to shop…from my house! They’re offering some specials and latest devices just in time for Diwali. I’ve got my eye on something in particular for my mom and something else for my wife. And I can buy those devices in just a few minutes—while I’m waiting for my butter to melt and my cardamom to toast!

Wish you all happy days ahead!