Take time to make yourself or your family home made lunches to go. It is a perfect way to keep your nutritional intake high and a very healthy habit to develop. Pack a home made lunch and surprise your better half – a perfect way to show how much u care for your family.

Some Tips for Left Overs
-Left over cooked vegetables can be mixed togethere in pasta or rice or cous cous and drizled with some dressing of your choice
– Grilled chicken can be chopped up and tossed in some salad greens or make a flavorful chicken sandwich with some indian spices.
– Left over lentils (dals) can be used as heartly soup for lunch along with a side of bread.

One time saving tip
If you plan to use dinner left overs in tomorrow’s lunch, pack the leftovers directly into the lunch container as you clear the table.

Want to take it a step ahead – Make a box lunch using a bento box or a tiffin carrier. There are some amazing bento tiffin boxes available which i use often.

With a main meal put some mozzarella and tomato with basil, some baby carrots and hummus dip. Wrap a whole wheat roti or tortilla around some left over grilled chicken or turkey with lettue and avacado (my favorite). Dont forget some fresh fruit to finish the meal and make it a filling yet healthy lunch.

Some simple recipe ideas below