New Product R&D

New Product R&D

Creating and testing new recipes is the best way to enhance your kitchen. Our team of talented chefs and a state-of-the-art test kitchen is our crucible for creating and testing out new and tasty recipes that will add value to your menu. Our expertise of creating and formulating new products and new recipes extends to both commercial and small batch production scenarios.
With our finger on the pulse of the culinary market, you will always benefit from our advance knowledge that also includes the latest in food service technology and management.

Our team has complete know-how and expertise in a variety of top-of-the-line technologies in the culinary industry like retort technology, boil in bag, freezing, dehydrating, freeze-drying foodstuffs, manufacturing and quality control.

We conduct a number of research and development studies (like market surveys and fact analyses) before launching into the new food product development processes. At every step of the way, we encourage client involvement. This helps us to define and consistently maintain the scope of the product. We also plan out schedules for batch development and conduct tasting sessions with members of the target audience.

Our consultancy services also extend to a number of packaging solutions like retort and dehydration technologies.

Members of our team include several people from the culinary industry who have several years of hands-on experience in the various facets of food consultancy in the culinary industry. Together we have created and launched a variety of food products for a number of large multinational corporations.

Contact us with your requirements for new food product research and development and we will be glad to help you launch the next innovative dish or brand.